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An "Effortless" Start:

How West Shore Community College Bookstore Pulled Off the Perfect Inclusive Access Pilot

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How exactly is this going to work? That was the question Cheryl Hogan, Director of Bookstore, Food Service, and Purchasing, knew she had to answer when the English faculty at West Shore Community College demanded an Inclusive Access pilot for Fall 2017.

“Our faculty felt very strongly about implementing Inclusive Access. Students expressed how badly they wanted this, so there was no question we were going to do it,” Hogan said. “We had to help IT and the Business Office understand how Inclusive Access could work, and how we could effectively communicate with and bill students."

Old Friends

With the calendar inching closer to Fall term, Hogan turned to her long-standing partners at Verba to help get West Shore's Inclusive Access pilot off the ground.

“We already were using Compare, Verba’s tool for price-comparing textbooks from different sources,” said Hogan, “so it was natural to use another one of their tools. Verba is a third party I trust.”

Without a Hitch

In seemingly no time, West Shore's Inclusive Access program was live for 278 students across 27 sections in two courses. With only 12 students opting out, the pilot couldn't have gone better, and Hogan attributed no small part of that success to Verba Connect:

"We have not had one hiccup in implementing Inclusive Access. Connect is the easiest and most helpful tool I use of all my software packages. It is unreal how effortless this product is and how valuable it is to us."

Reporting At The Ready

Hogan especially appreciates Verba Connect's rich visualizations and reporting. “I love that the Verba Connect Dashboard gives me access to everything I need to know about our Inclusive Access program,” she said. “It’s all right there.”

When Hogan was asked to data regarding the Inclusive Access pilot to West Shore's campus and academic leadership, Connect gave her exactly what she needed.

“I don’t have to do any work. The information I need is easily accessible and able to be exported.”

The Real Measure of Success

Of course, the ultimate goal of Inclusive Access is to get students the materials they need at a price they can afford. Verba Connect powers Inclusive Access on the West Shore campus, and faculty and students couldn’t be happier.

“We have not heard anything negative,” says Hogan. “We’ve eliminated all issues around books getting delayed in shipping or the campus store running out of a particular title. Faculty love that all students have their books on day one of classes.”

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