Clients use Verba Compete to cut costs and price with precision.

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Acquire Inventory on the cheap

Verba Compete gives you two ways to cut costs, leading to lower prices come rush.

Dynamic Buyback

Dynamic Buyback ensures your buyback pricing is in line with the marketplace, so you don't overpay for inventory.

Online Sourcing

Compete scours the web for the best deals on the books you need. We make it easy to source low-cost books in bulk from the online marketplace.

What Stores Say

Using the Verba buyback pricing is one of the best things we have done to help our store.

Aimee Schuller
University of Mount Union

The [Dynamic Rental module] within Verba Compete has been invaluable to us. Having six different partners to send books back to at the end of the rental period seems crazy, but we scan each book into Verba Compete and it tells us which vendor will give us the best price at that moment in time and then prepares the documentation for us. It saves us a ton of time.

Penny Kimball
University of Alaska Anchorage Bookstore


Full-Service Sourcing

Verba’s latest sourcing solution makes it possible, for the very first time, to purchase low-cost inventory in bulk from the online marketplace.

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  • Bin and Hold

    Ship purchased items in bulk to your store. No more small boxes!

  • Quality Check

    We'll verify the quality of every item you bin and hold too!

  • Easy Returns

    When an item does not meet the quality check, we'll handle the return.

  • Net-30 Invoicing

    No more purchase cards or endless reconciliation.

Price Right Against the Marketplace

With your costs under control, Verba makes your pricing picture perfect ahead of rush.

Dynamic Rental

Dynamic Rental maximizes the breadth of titles you can rent and the value of rental rebates you receive.

Dynamic Pricing

Verba tells you how to price against the online new, used, rental, and digital competition for every book you sell.


Dynamic Rental

Rental rebate programs are great for store competitiveness. But using more than one program comes with baggage. Analyzing your data, choosing which rebate to take, and properly returning each book to the right party: each of these steps takes time and talent.

Dynamic Rental makes multi-party rental possible for every store. It digests offers from each party, tells you which titles to rent, and, when the time comes, tells store staff which buyer to send each book to. We've got you covered at every step of the rental life-cycle.

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