Clients use Verba Collect to get textbook adoptions in record time.

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Best-of-Breed Instructor Experience

Collect makes it easy for faculty to get in, submit their adoptions, and get out. Watch our tutorial for instructors below to see how it works.

Link-Based Login

Instructors log in to Collect via personalized link, no password necessary.

Re-Adopt Past Titles

Collect shows past books for each course, so it's easy to re-adopt.

Smart Book Search

Collect's search algorithm factors in title popularity to help instructors find the right book fast.

Affordability Scores

Collect displays affordability scores for each book so instructors can factor cost into their decisions.

Verba Collect

Latest Feature


The latest addition to Verba Collect helps stores and instructors make a measurable impact on affordability.

Heads Up!

Collect's instructor walkthrough now notifies users when more affordable alternatives are available.

Rapid Impact

View all the relevant details and adopt alternatives with a click.

Verba Collect

Latest Feature

Alternatives In Action

Collect finds affordable alternatives with a couple key profiles. Here are some of our favorites.

From Hardcover to Paperback

+30 Affordability Points

From One Publisher to Another

+13 Affordability Points

From Previous to New Edition

+9 Affordability Points

From New to Previous Edition

+6 Affordability Points

Verba Collect

Latest Feature

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Whether you're a current client or a future one, we'd love to show you all the great updates we've rolled out to Collect.

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What Faculty Say

Wow! This interface is a 100% improvement over the old online adoption process. Kudos to the bookstore.

NC State Faculty Member

I was very pleased to find out how easy and enjoyable the process really was. I don't know if you were instrumental in bringing us Verba, but I wanted to write you and tell you how grateful I am for it. Thank you for making an easier and more efficient process for textbook reqs!

Abilene Christian University Instructor

Know Where Each Course Stands

Collect tracks every adoption as it comes in, so you always know how things are going.

Adoption Rates in Collect


Not Yet Submitted


Submitted by Instructor


Reviewed by Department


Approved by Bookstore


Communication Tools

Collect’s adoption tracking becomes even more powerful when combined with its mass-mailing capabilities.

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  • Targeted Emails

    Want to email all instructors with outstanding adoptions? Filter down to not yet submitted sections and compose the message. Collect does the hard work of identifying and emailing the relevant parties for you.

  • Auto-Reminders

    Collect can automatically remind faculty and department staff to complete adoptions. Just tell it when to start and how often to send them and you’re set.

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Verba Collect


We built our company around transparency, and our pricing follows suit. Here's what you need to know:

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We give 100% to every new client setup, and clients get maximum value over the course of the year, so every subscription is annual by default.



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