Bust The Myth

Your store is more competitive than students think. Bust the myth, boost sales, and create loyal long-term customers with Verba Compare.

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Be their one-stop shop

Many online shoppers visit the campus store’s web site to see what books are assigned for their courses, then head to the online competition to complete their purchase. By offering Verba Compare, stores show students all their options, so they have no reason to go anywhere else.

Win most of the time

Even within the totally transparent comparison environment, most students decide to buy from the bookstore – 86.1% of all student dollars go to the store through Compare.

Of All Student Dollars Go To The Store Through Verba Compare

Earn revenue no matter who gets the sale

While the vast majority of sales through Compare go to the bookstore, some student swill inevitably buy from the competition. When they do, Verba clients receive a piece of the pie – anywhere from 6-12% depending on the retailer. We’ll even manage most of the affiliate relationships for you, simplifying the process of partnering with each online retailer.

Sample commission rates

Here are a few of the sixteen affiliate programs currently supported by Verba Compare. For a full list, check out our affiliate details document by clicking below.

Open Affiliate Details
Retailer Commission Rate
Alibris 9%
Cengage Brain 12%
Half.com 12%
Inkling 8%

Take all the credit

Every Verba Compare website gets some custom TLC from our design team, so everyone – from students, to faculty, to administrators, to the media – knows to thank your store for the service.

Gain invaluable insight into student purchases

Every time students check out in Verba Compare, we capture what they’re buying, who they’re buying from, and at what price. Verba then shows you top-line stats – like “82.1% of items checked out were bookstore items” – and which individual books were purchased most frequently from your competitors. It’s a unique view of student purchasing behavior, only available through Compare.

A store makes the case

Verba Compare is getting results all over the country! Watch Jason Lorgan, Associate Director of UC Davis Stores and Verba's very first client, explain what Verba Compare does for his store.

Get set up in a flash

Software shouldn’t take months to set up. At Verba, we pride ourselves on being able to launch new clients within a week or two of signing on. Here's the typical process for Compare:

Step Description

Sign an agreement.

It's pretty simple, and we're flexible about the nitty-gritty.

Prepare your data.

We'll use existing data feeds where we can, and easy file imports where we can't.

Choose your affilaites.

We'll host a personal webinar and walk through the pros and cons of each options.

Spread the word!

Put your Mad Men hat on and let students know about the bookstore's awesome new shopping experience.

Let our integrations do the work

We're proud to partner with the best system providers in the industry. With a couple hundred stores now using Verba Compare in conjunction with eFollett, MBS inSite, Nebraska WebPRISM, eRATEX, and Sequoia ePOS, we have the routine down pat. See how we integrate with each provider in the table below, along with links to live client Compare sites making use of the integration.

System Description Live Compare Site


Easy Booklist.TXT file import View Live Compare Site

MBS inSite

No-effort data-feed integration View Live Compare Site

Nebraska WebPRISM

No-effort data-feed integration View Live Compare Site


No-effort data-feed integration View Live Compare Site

Sequoia ePOS

No-effort data-feed integration View Live Compare Site

Pay just what you expect to

When it comes to pricing, we keep it simple: one subscription fee, paid annually, covers everything. Hosting? Check. Support? Check. Updates and upgrades? We roll them out continuously, and everybody gets them free of charge. Check out what Compare costs you, and note the special Compare and Compete package deal.

Full-Time Equivalent Compete Only Compare & Compete Package
Up to 1,500 Students
per month
per month
Up to 2,500 Students $200
per month
per month
Up to 5,000 Students $300
per month
per month
Up to 12,000 Students $400
per month
per month
Up to 18,000 Students $500
per month
per month
Up to 25,000 Students $600
per month
per month

Like what you see?

Head over to the Contact Page and get in touch! We can't wait to hear from you. If you're still hungry for more, jump to our Verba Compete and Verba Collect product pages.